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Yang Zhen
Minorities (world premiere)


Friday, May 12, 7 p.m. - TICKETS
Saturday, May 13, 7 p.m. - TICKETS
Venue: schwere reiter
Running time: approximately 85 minutes
Admission price: € 16 / reduced admission price: € 10
Discussion with the artist on May 13th

The Chinese choreographer Yang Zhen is a genuine discovery: very young, very passionate, and very aware, he questions the history and politics of his country.
Yang Zhen presented the first part of his trilogy Revolution Game, the Piece Just Go Forward, at DANCE 2015 with a huge success. An old woman and a young woman were at the center of his confrontation with the individual desire for freedom and the imperative of the collective. The second part, In the Field of Hope, referred to a song from the early 1980s. The song praises Deng Xiaoping's initiatives of reform policies and to open the country to the West, and it relates the hopes of the young generation at that time and their energy.

Yang Zhen's latest piece, which will celebrate its world premiere at DANCE, broaches the subject of China's policies regarding minorities. Using actors, actresses, and dancers from Tibet, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and Europe Yang Zhen examines the situation of ethnic groups in his homeland and builds a bridge to the situation of migrants in Europe. He had already conducted research for this during his studies, as the Minzu University of China, where he received his master's degree in choreography, is called China's university of ethnic minorities. "I lived for four years in this environment," says Yang Zhen, "and studied the publicized harmonic coexistence of different ethnic groups. Later on I traveled and got to know local minorities." Dance, theater, documentary material from his travels, and his protagonists' memories form the basis of his atmospheric, interdisciplinary production.

Yang Zhen was selected for the Julidans Artists' Lab 2016-17 in Amsterdam.

Choreography, music: Yang Zhen
Performers: Lou Hio Mei, Ma XiaoLin, Zhuo Lin,  GengZang Cuomao, Fiaker Gulinigar
Singer: Huang Ping
Photographer: Qi Ray
Animations and video: Zhang Yongji

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